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3D Printing – new, industrial revolution

We introduce the global 3D printing network concept with our own 3D Print Points – the most advanced and user-friendly portal connecting 3D printing centers, and 3D designers with commercial and business users.


What is 3D Printing?

It is a technology of making three-dimensional objects of any shape or geometry from a digital file. It is also called “additive manufacturing”.
The variety of materials that can be currently used allows us to print objects not only in plastic but also in steel, bronze, silver, gold, titanium, ceramics, and even candy! In general, the only limit to 3D printing is our imagination.


Personalization is the key to success in future manufacturing. This is why 3D printing is considered to be the most important opportunity for manufacturing that probably ever happened. This technology allows us to take a completely new angle on prototyping as well as almost eliminate the costs of warehousing and transport.
3D printing will revolutionise business as we know it. Experts have estimated that during the next three years this branch of the industry will grow by over 500% with a year-over-year growth rate at astonishing 45.7%. Some predict that 50% of global manufacturing will depend on 3D printing within the next 20 years.

Read the report on 3D printing industry prepared by ING.

3D Print Points

We are the first community based on a network marketing distribution system to introduce global 3D printing concept with our own 3D Point! This online 3D printing service platform will operate a network of GCC Platinum 3D package owners, providing people with access to a 3D printer in their local area. 3D Print Points facilitates transactions between 3D printer owners and people who want to turn their ideas into 3D prints. It is the most advanced and user-friendly portal connecting 3D printing centres and designers with commercial and business users.
Our goal is to create the first green and global 3D Hub. Each 3D print leads to reducing CO2 emission to the atmosphere by donating part of the money for eco-friendly projects. It helps us fight for a cleaner planet by planting trees and protecting the natural environment. Every time someone purchases our product or service, we donate money for eco-friendly solutions. Print Globally – Pick up Locally!

With GCC Transaction Fees you will profit from the global turnover of 3D prints! Just imagine, having your share in a third industrial revolution and taking part in changing the manufacturing as we know today!


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Free to use software

We recommend this free software for creating 3D models and printer control. You can use these programs as you wish, create 3D models and put them on our 3D PrintPoints Site. There is a basic version: ThinkerCAD to make simple but useful models and more advanced – Blender 3D to create whatever you like. In order to prepare A created model, you will need a slicer. We can recommend Cura. It’s free and really powerful. In Cura you’ll find predefined settings for GCC printers.



Free (need to create free account) basic, easy to use browser based software



Free OpenSource desktop based advanced software



Free to use with preloaded profiles for our printers