Jan M Pasboel

CEO, Founder & Owner

Jan was born in Denmark, where he went to Copenhagen Business School. He has 24 years of experience in various industries, including general management of Business operations, Product Development, Strategy implementation, Production, Investment and Corporate development. After being a World business traveller and entrepreneur for several years he moved abroad 15 years ago. He has created multiple successful companies and projects in several countries worldwide during these years.

One of his first foreign companies was established in 1991 and operates to this day just 24 km away from the Eiffel Tower. Another company of circa the same age is located in Hamburg and currently it is being prepared to be part of our GCC Group concept.
Among various companies conducted by him there is also a production company manufacturing materials for hospitals and the hygiene sector, started from scratch in Poland back in 2002.

Another adventure was 6 years in Japan creating a marketing company and educating a segment introducing new technology, while learning another culture. While managing multiple companies spread all over the globe, Jan has made couple of thousands flights together with over 2 million km driven in cars worldwide.

Jan is a professional businessman with attention to details which combined with his extreme passion and endurance allowed him to give life to multiple corporate identities. Of course, one cannot do so without working for hours and CEO’s powerful energy is an example and inspiration for others.

He always says: Everything You can imagine is REAL!